In-line valve series VUVG-LK and VUVS-LK

The VUVG-LK and VUVS-LK valves will solve most common applications with an exceptional quality.

Easily connect to inch or metric tubing and mount onto a variety of manifolds with screws and gaskets. 


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Compact: the VUVG-LK Series

Designed as a compact range with an optimized footprint / flow ratio for a fast and reliable actuator response.

This lightweight and space saving valve fits perfectly into your overall automation concept, whether as an individual valve or mounted on a manifold. 

High flow: the VUVS-LK series

This robust valve stands out thanks to its high flow rate and elegant design.

The series is a perfect example of heavy-duty pneumatics offering reliable operation at a great value. With the ability to be mounted on a manifold for maximum flexibility. 


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